Metal Shingles

Lightweight roofing option with some serious impact.


Every successful product is the fruit of hard work, and this applies to metal shingles. With a lightweight however incredibly strong design these Metal shingles are all Class 4 impact resistant roof applications. Roofing materials experience the harshest of climates, with a full properly installed metal shingle roof you know your home will be protected.


Unique colors that will stand your roof out from traditional shingle and wood shake roofs with the same symmetry. Tons of different profiles to complete the graceful look your house needs. And with industry leading paint technologies of Kynar and Hylar your roof will stay elegant for a longer.

Environmentally Sound

Metal Shingles are a Green material in the roofing world. With multiple benefits that could help reduce our impact on the world. Metal shingles are composed of around 35% recyclable material and can be 100% recyclable. Metal is a very sustainable product and having to avoid re-roofs every 12-15 years landfill space is greater with applications such as metal roofs. Also, metal roofing reflects and keeps heat of roof decks and provide a more efficient energy home.