Metal Panels

Quality Product at a Quality Price


With 24 gauge Galvanized steel panels your roof is protected. These panels are all Class 4 impact resistant products and will not steer you in the wrong direction. With a Class A fire rating and an industry leading paint warranty Metal Panels will be a strong choice on your next roof project.


Metal Panels are a beautiful way to accent your houses dormers, porch overhangs, chimney caps. Or even to install on your entire roof! more and more Standing seam panels have been making ordinary residential houses into unique bold and beautiful modern homes. With many rich colors to choose from and a paint technology that will last enhance your home with metal panels for your next roof project.

Environmentally Sound

Metal roofing considered a "green" solution. With 35% of all metal roofs being made of recycled product and 100% of the roof being recyclable. Also, Metal roof's have a higher reflective value than your standard roofing products which will lead to more sun rays bouncing instead of getting trapped and heating your house.